Tumedei supplies a wide range of customized Radial Shaft Seals.


Radial Shaft Seals are used to seal rotary elements, mostly in dynamic applications such as:

Crank Shaft, Gear Boxes, Gear Pumps, Transmissions, Hydraulic Motors and Pumps.

Radial Shaft Seal (RSS) are mainly used to seal fluids, grease, oil mist or other media. However they can also be designed for dry-running applications.

The typical shaft seal components are:

  1. The sealing lip: made of elastomeric material, consisting of a flexible membrane ending in an edge designed to wrap around the shaft.
  2. The metal case: designed to provide rigidity around the seal for a firm and stable assembly with the relative housing bore.
  3. The Garter spring: acting as a complement to ensure continuous pressure and contact between the sealing lip and rotating shaft.


For the majority of the applications, Radial Shaft Seals are produced with NBR or FKM Viton®, however other polymers/materials such as H-NBR, ACM, EPDM, and VMQ Silicone are also available for other industrial applications.