Tumedei and Gulf Rubber specialize in the design and manufacture of precision moulded seals, O-rings and Gaskets.

New developments and technologies have pushed the boundaries of precision rubber moulding and compounding. This has resulted in today’s products offering more possibilities in terms of overall performance and consistency, precision (dimensional tolerances) and ease of assembly process.

With our composite moulding technology (rubber to plastic or metal), Tumedei can also offer a solution where the precision rubber component is bonded with the plastic or metal support plate (or insert), offering the client a reduced inventory in addition to reduced assembly time and costs.

  • Rubber polymers ranging from NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, VMQ Silicone and others…
  • Materials from 40 to 80 IRHD available, but usual applications call for 50 to 70 IRHD.
  • Materials with international drinking water approvals available, please refer to our material section.
  • Hardness can be maintained under certain production conditions within +/-3 IRHD. However normal hardness tolerance is usually +/-5 IRHD.
  • Dimensional tolerances can be maintained under certain production conditions below class M1 (ISO3302). Some specific applications for which we maintain critical dimension tolerances of +/-0.025mm, however normal tolerance is as per ISO3302 class M1 or M2.
  • The ability to produce precision moulding bonded with either plastic and/or metal plates or inserts.
  • 100% visual inspection in addition to final AQL levels.
  • Some products can be 100% tested with mechanical control (pressure, leak, others…)

Application fields:

  • Household domestic appliance industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Pneumatic valve industry
  • Water management industry