Pipe Gaskets

Tumedei distributes in Europe Pipe Seals and Gaskets developed and produced by the Gulf Rubber group. The product range supports a variety of industries and applications.

PVC, Ductile Iron, Concrete, VC, Fibreglass Reinforced and Spiral Welded PVC, all contain Gaskets manufactured by Gulf Rubber.

Specializing in support systems such as design, testing and manufacture, allows a wide range of Pipe Sealing applications to benefit from the involvement of Gulf Rubber.

In addition to Pipe Gaskets, secondary production items such as PVC and Ductile Iron Fittings are enhanced by Gulf Rubber Gaskets and Seals.

Prototype and Design

Gulf Rubber specialises in the design, prototyping and testing of Seals for a wide variety of applications.

The company is equipped with a comprehensive laboratory, accredited for mechanical testing of rubber and plastics materials.

Qualified and experienced engineers and rubber chemists are on hand to undertake development tasks on a daily basis.

Prototype designs are manufactured promptly, using in-house tooling facilities aided by C.A.M. and C.A.D.

Design Registration

One of the highest recognitions for successful development work is the granting of Patents and Design Registrations.

Through its commitment to the design process, Gulf Rubber holds many worldwide Patent and Design Registrations for Pipe Gaskets.

Custom designs to meet difficult sealing applications are a specialty of Gulf Rubber.

Pressure Testing

Gulf Rubber maintains a fully operational Test Rig, capable of testing to International Standards including ASTM D3139, BS4346, AS1477 and other national specifications.

Positive pressure (short term and long term), Vacuum and Deflection Testing can be performed on Metric, Imperial and CIOD diameters.

The equipment is certified by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities), allowing the test results to be independently certified.

Interface Pressures

The measurement of Interface pressures is an important criteria when determining the extent of sealing surfaces.

Interface pressures determine the length of the sealing portion of a Gasket and indicate the maximum pressure this length can hold.

Many International Standards specify a minimum sealing length and pressure capability. Gulf Rubber therefore maintains an Interface Pressure Rig capable of graphing this data and meeting these stringent standards.

Compression Stress Relaxation

The ability of a polymer to maintain its sealing function is critical to the long term life of the joint.

To extrapolate the potential life of a polymer requires specialised equipment. A Compression Stress Relaxometer provides important data about the ability of a rubber seal to maintain its sealing forces.

Gulf Rubber maintains a Wallace Compression Stress Relaxometer to test, design and compare various polymers and gasket designs. This information is valuable in the selection of the correct material for a given application or condition.

International Standards

Gulf Rubber design and develop Pipe Sealing compounds which meet a variety of International Standards.

These include ASTM F477, EN681-1, ISO4633, AS1646, MS672 and many other National Standards.

Materials currently approved to these include Natural Rubber, SBR, EPDM and Nitrile.

Test Reports can be supplied on request.

U. L. Component Recognition

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® is a world renowned authority committed to public safety.

Independent testing through U. L. provides customers and authorities with additional confidence on their product.

Many Gulf Rubber Pipe Seal materials are recognised under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®