Diaphragms are a vital element of many industrial processes, enabling users to transmit the pressure from fluids, while containing the fluid itself and preventing leakage. This makes diaphragms an essential part of components like flow regulators and fluid control valves.

Tumedei manufactures custom-designed silicon diaphragm components to exact specifications. Because they tend to have a high level of sensitivity to fluid changes, silicon diaphragms are commonly used in pressure sensors, wherever fluid flows need to be converted into an electrical signal.

Our diaphragms can be designed to cope with almost any industrial fluid, including fuels, water and gas. They can also be combined with processes that involve refrigerants, high temperatures and substances like brake fluids or vehicle fuels. They are also approved to international standards for use with potable water supplies.

Clients can choose from three major types of silicon diaphragm: fabric-reinforced, LPG/CNG and pressure compensating emitter diaphragms, depending on their needs.

Every component we make is tested in vacuum conditions to ensure that it meets our standards for zero defects. They can also be engineered to precise tolerances, with walls as thin as 0.2 mm. Our team are also able to work with a wide range of materials in addition to silicon, including fluoroelastomer and polyurethane.

Tumedei produces silicon diaphragms for various applications and industries.

  • Silicon Material from 35 to 80 Shore A.
  • Materials with international drinking water approvals available, please refer to our material section.
  • Hardness can be maintained under certain production conditions within +/-2 IRHD.
  • Dimensional tolerances can be maintained under certain production conditions below class M1 (ISO3302), some examples we maintain tolerance within +/-0.05mm.
  • High tear strength silicone available.
  • Colour range is available.
  • The ability to produce silicone diaphragms bonded with either plastic and/or metal plate or inserts.
  • The ability to produce silicone diaphragms with fabric reinforcing. Refer to fabric reinforced diaphragms

Application fields:

  • Scuba diving industry
  • Medical industry
  • Pneumatic valve industry
  • Water management industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Household domestic appliance industry