Rubber over molding enables out technicians to create custom-made components that feature a combination of materials. We specialize in manufacturing custom-built components for specific needs. If you require a rubber seal, gasket or valve, we can deliver the right product reliably and to a high level of quality.

For decades, Tumedei has been developing new rubber and plastic based compounds to use in industrial applications. For example, our rubber firewall seals are commonly used in the engine bay departments of automotive factories. Other rubber molded products could include O-rings, gaskets and diaphragms.

Our technical department is capable of molding products with 4 or more different materials. This enables clients to create complex components as part of a sub-assembly strategy. These components can be delivered to external assembly lines at low cost, driving down the cost of production.

All of our rubber over molding products are tested to ensure that they are properly manufactured. We can work with a broad variety of rubber polymers to create exactly the right blend (options include NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, and VMQ Silicone). Because of our advanced manufacturing facilities, we can also maintain a hardness tolerance of +/-5 IRHD as well as a dimensional tolerance of +/-0.05mm.