Tumedei produces diaphragms used for pump and metering (dosing) applications.

For some applications, membranes are fabric reinforced, while other applications are coated with PTFE to offer better abrasion and chemical resistance.

Typically, such diaphragms include a metal (or aluminium) insert, a PTFE coating and a fabric reinforcing with the rubber compound, making it a 4 material composite moulding.

  • Material from 40 to 80 Shore A. (EPDM, NBR, CR, FKM, others)
  • Materials with international drinking water approvals available, please to our material section.
  • Hardness can be maintained under certain production conditions within +/-3 shore A. However normal hardness tolerance is usually +/-5 IRHD.
  • Dimensional tolerances can be maintained under certain production conditions below class M1 (ISO3302), some examples we maintain tolerance within +/-0.05mm.
  • The ability to produce diaphragms bonded with either plastic and/or metal plate or inserts.

Application fields:

  • Pump and dosing pump industry
  • Pneumatic valve industry
  • Water management industry
  • Automotive industry