Plastic over molding is a technique that can be used to combine two different types of material to create a composite product. At Tumedei, we are experts in over molding, and can incorporate materials like brass, metals, ceramics and plastics into finished products.

Our laboratory team includes specialists with years of experience in molding rubber and plastics for industrial settings. This expertise is combined with the latest production facilities, enabling us to manufacture customized components at low cost and high volume.

Our plastic over molding products can allow you to source components for your production line, without needing to keep large volumes of smaller components and raw materials in your inventory at one time. Instead, with our sub-assembly solutions, you can have the components you need manufactured by our over molding facilities and delivered to your factory.

All of our plastic over molded products are vacuum tested, and physical tests can also be carried out if required. We operate to a dimensional tolerance of +/-0.05mm and a typical hardness tolerance of +/-5 IRH.

The range of our over molded products includes silicon and metering pump diaphragm valves, filters, plug inserts for water pump valves, pneumatic valve levers and plungers. They also have a wide range of potential uses, from manufacturing household appliances to water management and automobile manufacturing.