Tumedei specialiszes in the LPG/CNG industry with over 20 years experience producing and supplying our core business products to the various market leaders.

After the production of carburettor diaphragms, Tumedei started in 1990 the production of 1st and 2nd stage diaphragms for the LPG/CNG automotive market.

Today, Tumedei is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of these products, supplying the leading producers of CNG/LPG reducers and equipment around the world.

High pressure 1st stage diaphragm

High pressure 1st stage diaphragms produced from fabric calendared materials.
Thickness from 0.6mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm
Materials are NBR, ECO.
Materials are certified R67 & R110

Low pressure 2nd stage diaphragm

Medium to low pressure 2nd stage diaphragms produced from rubber coated fabric materials.

Thickness from 0,2mm to 0,3mm rubber coated fabric.
Materials are NBR, ECO.
Materials are certified R67 & R110

Others products in LPG/CNG

Tumedei also produces a wide range of Metal and Rubber bonded products used for LPG/CNG reducer applications, including Injector parts, Levers, Clapet Seals, and others produced in FKM, FKM GLT, NBR and HNBR.

Materials NBR, ECO, FKM, low temperature FKM, HNBR…
Materials are certified R67 and R110, EN549 standards.

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