Rubber or plastic gaskets can be required for a wide range of electrical devices, from electrical outlets to factory production facilities.

They enable users to protect internal circuits against dust, moisture, ice, heat and external weather conditions such as rain or snow. In many systems, having a properly manufactured and precision fitted electric device gasket is essential to maintaining functionality in challenging conditions.

Tumedei manufactures a broad selection of gaskets. We have an expert team of molding specialists and a cutting edge laboratory, which uses composite molding technology to combine rubber, plastic and other materials to create flawless gaskets for any industrial application.

Each electrical device gasket we manufacture is thoroughly tested in vacuum conditions, ensuring that it has been produced to the client’s specifications and functions correctly. We manufacture gaskets to ISO3302 class M1 or M2, and maintain a normal hardness tolerance +/-5 IRHD.

If you require the use of specialist materials, we can manufacture the electric device gasket you need. Materials that we work with include NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, and VMQ Silicone polymers. Our production facility can also shape gaskets into any required form, allowing clients to create precise, custom-designed solutions for any industrial process.