TODAY,  TUMEDEI Spa – Gulf Rubber Europe is an international solution provider in technical polymer products, leading in design and manufacture of high precision rubber & plastic components.

Tumedei offers the expertise in engineering, production (specialist in reinforced diaphragms and CNG/LPG diaphragms), European distribution location and business culture.

Gulf Rubber brings the experience in low cost manufacturing of technical rubber moulding.

Together we offer unique competitive advantages to our international customer base.

Tumedei’s well qualified technical sales force works closely with our engineering and development team to  understand and solve customer problems in their technical polymer products.

Our experience in various applications and industries enables us to turn a concept to a precision engineering solutions which we then produce and supply as finished manufactured products.


Tumedei was founded in 1903 in Bologna Italy (under a different name) as a manufacturing operation supplying technical rubber products.

In the late sixties, Tumedei became one of the world leading companies for the production of reinforced diaphragms including automotive carburettor diaphragms.

In the early nineties,  Tumedei specialised in the production of diaphragms and sealing products for the CNG/LPG reducers supplying the leading Italian manufacturers. Today Tumedei remains one of the world best in this industry.

In May 2007, Tumedei spa was acquired by the New Zealand based Skellerup Group.

The Skellerup Group operates in three main divisions i.e. Industrial, Agri, and Footwear, with a total turnover in excess of $200 millions.

In February 2006, The Skellerup group acquired the Gulf Rubber group.

Tumedei and Gulf Rubber are the leading companies of the Industrial division of Skellerup.

Gulf Rubber was founded in 1980 in Australia as a trading operation supplying technical moulded rubber components. In 1985 manufacturing was initiated and was supported with a comprehensive laboratory, research and development facility. The company’s product range and sales expanded quickly as a result of this investment with operations in Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and Europe specializing in technical polymer products.